Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I don't really do Halloween. I think the most ambitious outfit I ever wore growing up was a 'ghost', aka a yellowing white sheet, with eye holes. I recall wandering up and down my cousin's street and getting rejection after rejection. Perhaps that was just a reflection of my uninspired costume, but either way, the Halloween bubble was burst and that was that.

My parents hung on for a while longer. By that I mean they'd usually tear up to the shops at dusk to pick up some fun size chocolate bars, but until the gorgeous American family moved in next-door, we'd usually end up gorging on chocolate for weeks (ok, days).

Anyway, the Pom sent me this a couple of days ago, which made me giggle, so Happy Halloween, folks!


Monkey Mind said...

Feel the same about Halloween, but love that spewy Pumpkin. I wish I could wear that tonight. I am due at a dress-up do and I am completely uninspired. I don't even have a sheet.

Alice said...

How cool is spewy pumpkin - he has forever changed my opinion of Halloween!
Pray tell, who or what did you dress up as?

Ohh and I went up to the homestead on Saturday and nabbed the leftover chocolate :)

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