Friday, April 3, 2009

More Sex and the City


Want more Sex (and the City)?

Alas the blu-ray extended edition of Sex and the City: The Movie doesn't feature more sex, instead opting mostly for cutsy girl time. I'll usually check out the deleted scenes on any DVD, and generally agree that the footage deserved to be left on the cuttting room floor.

The same definitely goes for SATC, which as far as I could tell, has an extended 80s dress up montage, where all the girls get involved (pic above) and a scene where Sam says she's staying in LA to work on things with Smith (not that it did them much good).

However one extra scene absolutely fascinated me. It's Halloween and Charlotte and Lily come over to invite Carrie to come trick-or-treating with them. It's all very sweet, Lily's begging Auntie Carrie. Charlotte asks Lily to tell Carrie who she's dressing up as and she exclaims "Cinderella!!" Then, Charlotte says "but we've also got a Mulan costume," to which Lily vigorously shakes her head and says "No, Cinderella!"

Image Cinderella story time with Lily

Isn't that incredible! I'm not sure if it says more about Charlotte trying to be sensitive of Lily's Chinese heritage, or that Lilly so vehemently wants to assimilate to become the blond, blue-eyed princess Cinderella. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it exchange, but my response was "Say what?!?"

Now I've already alluded to having misgivings about racial stereotypes in the film, finding Louise's character particularly problematic. Actually, see Kate's more precise 'rant' in the comments at the end of the post. So this additional and perhaps unintentional gaffe is quite striking.

Then again, I'm fairly sure the film isn't supposed to be a commentary on race relations (not that that excuses representations portrayed). We can probably agree that's is all about friends, fidelity and fashion. And on these points the film delivers.

On an entirely separate point: I quite fancy the collage of framed pictures that feature in Carrie's 'grown up' apartment. Pretties!


Scott Henderson said...

I HATED this film so much it actually hurt. I would write my own critique, but in some emails exchanged with a friend he summed it up better than I ever could. Though personally I think it's an ugly film about ugly people who have done little for feminism other than reclaim the word selfish from men:

"Had to bite my tongue the whole way through. I'm amazed women put that lot up on a pedestal.

Carrie: My boyfriend has said he's paranoid about this being his 3rd marriage and he wants a small wedding. So I'll plan one with several hundred guests and exposure in Vogue.

Miranda: I haven't had sex with my fella in 6 months, so now we're actually having it I'd better tell him to get it over with quickly. But fuck him, he's the one that tanked our relationship by shagging someone else.

Samantha: I've got a male model boyfriend who'd do anything for me, though in the real world he wouldn't look twice at an old hag like me. It's all too good, so I'd better dream about fucking my neighbour.

Brunette idiot: My life's oh so perfect, and I'm really a limited actress, so I'd better sign up for scene in which I shit myself. That'll flex some muscles, if not my acting ones.

But, of course, all men are bastards."

Kate said...

Someone's taken over my rant mantle - yay!

My job here is done :)

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