Monday, June 22, 2009

Curiouser and Curiouser

Disney has given us a delicious glimpse into Tim Burton's obsessively anticipated Alice in Wonderland. You can see Johnny Depp has undergone a digital facelift, as compared with the previous pic I blogged about earlier in the year.

And as for Helena Bonham Carter,!
Apparently Burton's gone literal with the Red Queen, who has a moat filled with the heads she so famously demands.

Anne Hathaway's White Queen is looks anemically regal and evidently prefers floating over walking.

The real scoop, however, is the fact Burton's film is a sequel of sorts. A decade has passed, and Alice, now 17, unwittingly returns down the rabbit hole in an attempt to escape an embarrassingly public engagement. With no memory of Wonderland, Alice is free to rediscover this bizarre - and Burtonized - world.

(For more pics, see this article in USA Today)

Australian release date: TBC
US release date: 5 March 2010


Paul Martin said...

This evening I was watching an early short claymation film by Tim Burton, called Vincent (about a boy called Vincent who imagines himself as Vincent Price, narrated by the man himself). I was struck with how true to his original vision that Burton has remained. All his films are really twisted fairy stories of one type or another. This new film looks lush. My favourite so far has been Big Fish, which no-one seems to think much of.

Alice said...

I hadn't heard of Vincent. Thanks for the heads up, Paul!

I think anyone who doesn't ascribe to the auteur theory should spend a little time with Burton.

Paul Martin said...

I saw it on the Cinema 16 American Shorts DVD. Cinema 16 are series of 16 short films (double DVDs). There's the American, British, European and World in the series. I'm not normally big on short films, but these are worth checking out. Many of them are the early short films of famous directors and there's a real diversity and creativity to them. Some of them are quite substantial (30 min or more).

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