Friday, November 13, 2009



Oh dear, it's the end of the world. Again.

Like the proverbial boy who cried wolf, director Roland Emmerich continues to draw a crowd with his shrieking, CGI ridden tales of doom. The formula is tried and true: cosmic/catastrophic event triggers worldwide disaster - but let's just focus on the American experience. Cue: telling juxtapositions between the everyman and the powers that be. Fold in some shit hot CGI and swelling music and what do you know (American) humanity survives in the end.

It just so happens that whatever Emmerich is selling, I'm buying. As ridiculous as it sounds (and as damaging to my meager credibility), the man can make a cracking popcorn movie. It's loud, it's fun and it's mindless enough to allow you to get swept up by the effects, and right over the corny dialogue. Just check your brain at the door and you'll have a great time in the cinema.

Plus I wager Emmerich has his tongue firmly in his cheek. You don't cast John Cusack, and have his first line be, "I'm a dead man," without revealing that you mean to play within the generic conventions. This, I feel, saves 2012 from becoming sickeningly earnest, just as Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum achieved in Independence Day (another Emmerich vehicle).

In any case, Emmerich has again positioned himself as reigning king of 'disaster porn.' All hail the king. And while you're at it, it's worth noting that should this 2012 malarkey (or indeed any other apocalypse conspiracy theory) eventuate, you'd do well to pick up a few survival tips from the man himself....

Click here to read a list of 'lessons learned' from disaster movies. Beth and I had a good giggle putting this together.

Australian release date: 12 November 2009

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