Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Australian Film Festival

Now Tropfest has jazzed up audiences about our local filmmaking talent, it’s time to take part in the inaugural Australian Film Festival. Launching with the tag line 'It’s a ripper!', the festival promises to celebrate old film favourites as well as introducing Sydneysiders to Australian fare they might never have had the chance to see.

Setting up shop in Randwick’s iconic Ritz cinema, the festival is partnering with Popcorn Taxi for an opening night screening of the groundbreaking Mad Max. Rumoured to be a glorious print, this screening also boasts a Q&A with original cast and crew members including Steve Bisley. The genius of George Miller will be further celebrated with his recent classic, Happy Feet screening (for free!) this Saturday on Clovelly beach.

The festival will also host the acclaimed documentary of India’s first policewoman, Yes Madam, Sir, narrated by Helen Mirren. Director Megan Doneman (who will be in attendance for a Q&A) followed the Asian Nobel Prize winner Kiren Bedi for six years in order to draw her insightful portrait of this fascinating woman.

The rest of the program is stacked with a plethora of films, including Rolf de Heer’s cult classic Bad Boy Bubby. The Future Film Screenwriting Competition sees $1000 up for grabs, while a short film competition will close out the festival alongside a Spot Food & Film day and the addition of Steve Bisley and Claudia Karvan to the Australian Film Walk of Fame.

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