Friday, February 5, 2010


In addition to my interview with
Cybele and Daniel, here's a little preview that ran on Concrete Playground.

Fans of Sydney street press will no doubt recognise the photography of Cybele Malinowski and Daniel Boud. For five years the couple have been shooting musical greats including INXS, Ben Lee, Ladyhawke, The Precepts, Philadelphia Grand Jury and The Vines, and now their magazine covers (in their original forms) will go on display and for sale at the Mart Gallery.

Something of an online icon with his award-winning site Boudist, Boud broke into the photographic world shooting live music. “With a live band everything is presented for you,” he says, “The artist is performing already, they’re lit by a lighting designer, they’re on a stage that’s already been dressed, so as a photographer you’re more of a documentarian. Whereas a cover shoot, it’s a blank canvas. It’s completely up to you in terms of how you present the person, what you get them to do, what they’re wearing, what backdrop you’re using, how you light them. There’s a lot more of your photographer’s work in a cover shoot than it is shooting a live band.”

Covers is the their first joint exhibition, and they will be donating proceeds to the youth support network Oasis.

For your diaries: February 5 - 20 at the Mart Gallery.

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