Saturday, June 5, 2010

Slate Spoiler Special


So here's some super exciting news! After my guest endorsement on Slate's Culture Gabfest, Dana Stevens has invited me back to take part in her Spoiler Special podcast, chatting about Get Him to the Greek.

Dana and I have twittered back and forth about all manner of filmy things and when she couldn't find anyone in NYC available to 'spoil' this latest Judd Apatow produced comedy with her, I jumped at the chance. Stay up til midnight to podcast with Dana and her lovely producer Jesse Baker? No worries! Technical glitches and a fire drill pushing our start back past 1am...uhoh! I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed that I made sense (or even a coherent point or two), but regardless it was such fun. Time difference schmime difference!

Click here to read Dana's great review (as always) and above you can click to listen to the Spoiler Special, or alternatively you can download it via iTunes.

Get Him to the Greek - Australian release date: 17 June 2010 (review to follow)

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