Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trailer: Tomorrow, When the War Began


Most Australian readers will have grown up with John Marsden's Tomorrow Series. Here it is now studied in schools, and I certainly remember snapping up each book the seven part series as soon as they were published. So the nostalgia stakes will be pretty high for a whole generation of cinema goers come September when Tomorrow, When the War Began hits the silver screen.

The film will be Australian Stuart Beattie's directorial debut, though Beattie's writing credits include Collateral, Bra Boys and the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Neighbours alum Caitlin Stasey has been cast as the saga's headstrong heroine Ellie, and I suppose it's a good sign that the Facebook fans are happy with the choice (I haven't watched Neighbours for years).

While the poster seems a little uninspired, the theatrical trailer shows promise. It would be great to have a successful action franchise coming out of Australia, so here's hoping Beattie has done the series justice.

Let me know what you think!

Tomorrow When The War Began (Theatrical Trailer)
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Australian release date: 2 September 2010

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