Monday, June 28, 2010

US Trailer: Animal Kingdom


David Michôd's Animal Kingdom has received a new poster and trailer ahead of its US release on August 13.

What do you think? (Warning: if you haven't seen the film, I think this trailer contains some serious spoilers).

For my money, I think the Australian poster and trailer do the film much more justice. The absence of Guy Pearce - i.e. the one recognisable face for US audiences - seems a ludicrous oversight, and as I mentioned above, the US trailer doesn't leave much to the imagination (as well as randomly repeating Jackie Weaver's signature line?!).

Animal Kingdom recently played at the Los Angeles Film Festival, while at home it has just cleared the $3 million mark.

Read my review HERE.
Read my interview with David Michôd and Ben Mendelsohn HERE.


Glenn Dunks said...

Thanks for this, I wasn't aware there was a yank trailer for it.

They're definitely positioning Jacki Weaver as THE central figure aren't they? This year's Mo'Nique, I can hear them calling her.

Lynden Barber said...

Thanks for posting this, Alice. I think it's a much stronger trailer, makes the film look dramatic and excting in a way the local trailer fails to do.

One caveat: that is (as you suggest) one heck of a spoiler!

The local trailer also contains a flagrant spoiler, involving a clearly identifiable corpse.

Not sure what the thinking is here" "Hollywood trailers show the 'best bits', so we will too?"

Alice said...

Having watched both side by side, I think the Australian one gives a better insight into the real pace and menace of the film, whereas the American version will probably do better getting punters through the door with the flashier spin.

Lynden, I didn't necessarily think Pope was carrying a corpse, but I take your point.

Who knows what the maths on these things are - perhaps you really do need to spoil the movie just to get people to see it!

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