Monday, August 2, 2010

Giveaway: Divers & Submarines

It’s been quite a year for Passenger (aka. Mike Rosenberg). The intrepid musician has busked his way around Australia, before returning home to Blighty to cut his third album and take it on tour around the UK. Passenger is showing no signs of slowing down (in fact there’s even more new music on the horizon – stay tuned!)….surely the restorative powers of the British cuppa can only go so far; Passenger is a marvel*.

And Divers and Submarines is a beauty. Confirming yet again Passenger’s superlative skills as a lyricist, Divers and Submarines is also a testament to his unique ability to move from the poignant to the wryly absurd (just listen to Facebook). Fans will be happy to see songs from his busking repertoire – such as Brick Walls and Crows in Snow – deservedly recorded, and given it’s Fairytale Week here at Trespass, Passenger could even provide the soundtrack (listen below):

Fairytales & Firesides by Passenger Official

Head to Trespass for the competition details. 

*Full disclosure: he’s also a friend.

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