Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kino Kabaret

The cinematically inclined are taking the floor for another year of filmmaking marathons, screenings and parties that make up Kino Kabaret. From seasoned pros to keen-bean first timers, filmmakers from all walks of life have signed up for the mad dash to bring an idea to screen in a mere 32 hours. Now you have the chance to join the fun.

Three separate screening parties are taking place at Chippendale's Fraser Studios on October 20, 22 and 24, each with their respective party themes: Card Sharks, Hardcore Gamers and Roller Riot (cue appropriate puns). Each evening promises to have free-flowing beer, pizza and prizes to compliment the cinematic acts of daring do.

As Artistic Director Matt Ravier reveals: "Kino offers an inclusive, non-competitive experience to give people a taste for filmmaking. Participants pool their resources, ideas, knowledge and equipment. To keep things interesting we're inviting Kino filmmakers from Adelaide, Paris and the US to join in the fun. The result is unpredictable, the energy is contagious ... and in true Kino spirit, the parties — which include live entertainment, snacks, giveaways and open bar — are awesome."

The poster says it best: Game on!

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