Monday, November 1, 2010

Giveaway: The Loved Ones

Put down your Halloween treats, it's time to gear up for an altogether more frightful experience. The new Australian horror flick The Loved Ones is creeping into cinemas this Thursday (November 4) and I have some double passes to give away. Oh yes, despite my absolute aversion to the horror genre, I did make it through this film, and will have a review (of sorts) for you later in the week. Stay tuned!

The film's synopsis reads:

Brent (Xavier Samuel) never recovered from the car crash that killed his father: the crash that he was responsible for. His only solace is his loving girlfriend Holly (Victoria Thaine). But there's another girl who yearns to comfort Brent, the quietest girl in school, Lola (Robin McLeavy), and when he turns down her invitation to the end of year dance he enters a nightmare beyond imagining.

A terrifying series of events take place under the light of a mirrored
disco ball, involving pink satin, glitter, syringes, nails and power drills. Brent must summon every ounce of will he possesses if he is to survive and prevent Lola and her father from extending their revenge to those he loves the most.

I blogged about the trailer back in July, so click through if you want to see it, but be warned, it may just spoil a couple of the shocks for you. 

To go in the running to win one of ten double passes to see The Loved Ones, just email me with your name and address (subject: The Loved Ones). Winners will be notified by reply. Enter if you dare!

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