Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving American friends!

Now don't be scared, but an Australian is joining the fun. Here's the skinny:

(via The Washington Post) 

It seems an Australian journalist has been mistakenly cc'ed on to an American family's e-mail chain about their Thanksgiving preparations. Someone in the Tran family had mistakenly added the wrong James West to the chains for three years. The Australian West did not pay much attention until this year, when he began reading the family's plans in earnest. He decided to make a YouTube apology to the family for his eavesdropping, and asked for an invite. Long story short: The Trans will be welcoming James West to Florida tomorrow for their Thanksgiving dinner.

Here's the clip, and don't worry, I know James from school days -  he's a good egg.

James has now touched down in Miami and is en route to Thanksgiving with the Trans. To catch up on the rest of the videos and keep abreast of this holiday saga, follow James West's YouTube channel.

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