Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alexandre Desplat

I've just spent a delightful hour listening to WQXR Movies on the Radio, in which host David Garland featured the amazing work of Alexandre Desplat.

Desplat seems to be the man behind every film score that captures my attention (just look at his staggering filmography!). A quick look back at my film reviews, and yup, I've highlighted Desplat's work in The Ghost Writer, the latest Harry Potter and of course The King's Speech, the soundtrack to which I've been listening to non-stop. And after loving every song featured on this program, I'm sure a few other Desplat soundtracks will soon be added to my iTunes.

You can stream the radio show below, or via the website. Enjoy!

Thanks to Dana Stevens for sharing (and live tweeting!) this wonderful link :)

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