Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trailer: Catfish

If this film isn't on your radar, it needs to be. But, that's all you need to know. As the synopsis warns:

The less you know about Catfish the better. Whatever you learn, don't give away the ending to others. To spoil this movie is unforgiveable. It's unlike any documentary you've ever seen before.
It starts out with New York photographer Nev Schulman, filmmaker brother Ariel and friend Henry making a film about an 8 year-old girl named Abby from Michigan, who painted an immaculate picture of one of Nev's photographs. The painting is mailed to Nev, and soon a friendship is born. Nev starts talking to Abby's mother, Angela, and her half-sister Megan. They all have Facebook pages, and soon Nev begins Facebook relationships with all three. His friendship with Megan, a pretty blonde twenty-something, escalates into sexually charged exchanges, and he starts to really care for her. What happens next is a sheer surprise and this funny, clever and loveable little documentary becomes a fascinating, breathtaking, heartbreaking, edge-of-your-seat look at human nature in our digital age. The internet-Facebook-iphone world we've built for ourselves will never look the same again.

Australian release date: 26 January 2011

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