Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jurassic Lounge

The last time you visited the Australian Museum was probably a school excursion; giddy from escaping the classroom and high on the sugary 'special occasion' lunchbox treats. Well, the Festivalists are about the change all that. The crack team behind film festivals including Possible Worlds and Kino Kabaret have set their sights on letting the night into the dusky halls of Australian Museum; they’re calling it Jurassic Lounge.

It’s a cracking conceit: every Tuesday night the doors will be opened after hours and a handpicked mix of live music and art will be on offer to enjoy alongside the fully stocked bar (the ticket price also includes a free drink) and the museum's atmospheric exhibits.

Opening night will be emceed by the fabulous drag queen Maxi Shield, and feature a performance from Daisy M. Tulley (Bridezilla), a live illustration by the remarkable artist Brad Robson and a 'silent disco' by Lone Wolf (the idea being that you can venture into the Skeleton Room and pick up a set of headphones to dance along to the music). You know you've always wanted to dance with a dinosaur!

Upcoming dates promise similarly stellar evenings, with Brian Campeau, Ray Mann, DJ Cunningpants, The Cosmic Explorer and FBi Radio's Jack Shit providing the musical entertainment, as well as short film screenings, performance poetry and even card tricks. So come on, it’s time find your inner Flintstone and get prehistoric.

Tuesdays from 1 February - 19 April 2011

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Click here to see photos and more photos from the opening night (you may even spy me!)
And HERE is a video from the launch - again, right at the very end you can spot me grinning like a complete idiot (I thought the guy was shooting stills!).

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