Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eddie Vedder

Back in the day Pearl Jam provided many a teenage angsty anthem, but time has mellowed front man Eddie Vedder. In the past few years, Vedder has struck out with some striking solo tunes, including the sublime soundtrack from Into the Wild as well as one of the tracks (and thus one of the few saving graces) from Eat, Pray, Love.

Packing his iconic raspy tones and an acoustic guitar, Vedder is en route Sydney’s State Theatre for three nights of pared back music. For Pearl Jam diehards, the gilded stage and cushy red seats may prove too discombobulating, but Vedder’s voice is sure to lure you back into the heady days of your misspent youth.

Sydney dates: 18-20 March 2011 (more info on Concrete Playground)

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planettreasures said...

I loved the movie "Into the Wild", having read the book a while before, and I liked the music track so much I bought the CD.
It's great!
It would be good to see him live but we're off to the Blue Mountains music festival.

Alice said...

I adore the Into the Wild soundtrack! The movie left a similarly profound impression, though I haven't yet faced the book. A good read?

Have fun in the Blue Mountains!

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