Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On The Film Programme

I've already gushed about my visit to Francine Stock's Film Programme, but now you can download the episode!

I had quite the out of body experience listening to it live last Friday afternoon - yes that would be the Friday of the Royal Wedding, so yes, that brought both extra excitement and some humbling perspective!

Francine and I discuss The London Australian Film Festival, which runs from May 5-12 at the Barbican Centre. Alas I've just arrived home from London, otherwise I'd be there with bells on.

Here are some links to my reviews and features on the festival films:

Animal Kingdom: review, feature
Beneath Hill 60: review, feature
The Loved Ones: (TV) review
Mao's Last Dancer: review
Matching Jack: review
Red Hill: review
South Solitary: review, feature 
Summer Coda: review (nb. mentioned in the interview, but not screening at the festival)
The Tree: review
Wasted on the Young: review

You can download episodes and subscribe to The Film Programme HERE. Thanks again to the marvellous Francine for inviting me on the show. I hope to be back at the BBC someday soon!

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