Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sydney Film Festival: Critics' Poll 2011

Image - The Festival Jury announces the Official Competition winner: A Separation

So it turns out I saw 60 films during the 58th Sydney Film Festival. Whoa! No wonder I'm tired.
(Nb. I had racked up quite a number before the festival even began, as Giles and I needed to hit the ground running with our SMH Festival Focus episodes.)

Once again, I've contributed to the marvellous Matt Ravier's critics' poll. Head over to A Life in Film to see Matt's meticulous tables, keen observations and even a sneaky photo from one of the critics' drinks.

It turns out that I'm responsible for the poll's highest rated film: Tomboy. But that's only because I was the only polled critic who saw it and - following my rave review on Festival Focus - of course I gave it 5 stars. That technicality aside, I was thrilled to see the Official Competition winner A Separation take out the real top spot on the poll. 

This year's festival was just extraordinary. I feel like I'm suffering from party's over syndrome, but that's probably just the sleep debt speaking! Congratulations to Clare Stewart for a fabulous fifth and final festival. She has outdone herself and I look forward to seeing what kind of film future she has planned.

For everyone else: I'm now conditioned to seeing at least four films a day, so...it's time to head back to the cinema!


Sim W said...

Hi Alice,

Very nice report, wish I could be there but it seems all involved had a nice time.

BTW Nice Photo from the Critics' Drinks.

Alice said...

Ha! Yes Matt was insistent that we all pull that pose. The thinking film critic perhaps?

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