Friday, August 12, 2011

Possible Worlds: Canadian Film Festival

It's the final weekend of Possible Worlds, the 6th Canadian Film Festival. As ever, Matt Ravier and his indefatigable team over at The Festivalists have put together a cracking programme over at the Dendy Opera Quays - check out the schedule HERE.

Some quick highlights for the last few days:

Heat Wave (Les grandes chaleurs) (screening 6:30pm tonight) will make for fun trip to the cinema, especially after you enjoy your free drink! This playful romantic comedy sees a newly widowed social worker Gisele, (Marie-Therese Fortin) coming to grips with her late husband's infidelity while being doggedly pursued by an infatuated ex-client, Yannick (Francois Arnaud). That Yannick is 19 to Gisele's 40 something just spices up proceedings as the pair are drawn together amidst an array of colourful supporting characters. Handled with a refreshing lightness of touch and with some shameless, sizzling chemistry between the leads, Heat Wave is just the sort of frothy fun you need for a girls' Friday night out.

Liberia '77 (Q&A screening 6:30pm Saturday) is a compelling trip down memory lane for a pair of Canadian brothers. Jeff and Andrew Topham grew up in Liberia and their memories and indeed photographic profession are indelibly coloured by their father's rich archive of pictures from their expat experience. 30 years later they return to the war ravaged country to retrace their steps and confront the plight that now resides in their childhood paradise.

While you witness the brothers wrestling with their ability to articulate their feelings about responsibility and the spreading of false hope, Liberia '77 comes to life through their beautiful photography. And as a deeply personal window into the largely untold story of Liberia, this documentary is one not to miss.

The Whistleblower (screening 8:30pm Saturday) is admittedly a film I have yet to see, but I'm already fascinated by it. This is a conspiracy thriller starring the luminous Rachel Weisz in a true story of Kathryn Bolkovac, a police woman turned peacekeeper who uncovers a human trafficking ring that implicates people from within the U.N. Now Weisz is someone I'd watch reading the phonebook, but add the the mix David Strathairn, Vanessa Redgrave and Monica Bellucci and it's highly likely I'll be in the queue come Saturday night!

Trailer 1: Possible Worlds 2011 from Possible Worlds on Vimeo.

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