Thursday, October 13, 2011

Take Shelter

This absolutely brilliant film opens in limited release today.

Go and see it.

Then let's have a glass of wine and a chat, for this is a film that is really worth chewing over. Michael Shannon gives a jaw-dropping performance and after (very different roles) in Tree of Life and The Help Jessica Chastain yet again proves herself to be one of my favourite actresses of the year.

So, go and see it.

That's all you really need to know.

But here's the synopsis anyway:
Curtis lives in Ohio with his wife Samantha and daughter Hannah. When he begins having terrifying dreams about an encroaching apocalyptic storm, he chooses to keep the disturbance to himself, channelling his anxiety into the obsessive building of a storm shelter in their backyard. His seemingly inexplicable behaviour concerns and confounds Samantha, and provokes intolerance among co-workers, friends and neighbours. But the resulting strain on his marriage and tension within the community doesn’t compare to Curtis’ private fear of what his dreams may truly signify. Faced with the proposition that his disturbing visions signal disaster of one kind or another, Curtis confides in Samantha, testing the power of their bond against the highest possible stakes.

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