Thursday, April 26, 2012

Interview: Jon Landau (Titanic 3D)

Academy Award winning producer Jon Landau recently made the trip to Australia (Oscar in hand) to launch his new film: Titanic 3D.  

Wait…New film?

Yes, at least, that’s how the exuberant Landau would have audiences experience James Cameron’s 15-year-old epic. After 60 weeks and 18 million dollars spent converting the film to 3D, Landau is confident it will impress. And he’s not just talking about the big-ticket scenes of the ship going down; it’s the drama he believes benefits beautifully from the painstakingly rendered depth. It seems a whole new generation is set to swoon over Jack and Rose falling in love on the silver screen.

Landau also reminiscences about being the mayor of Titanic town, how being James Cameron’s producer is akin to being an explorer, and of course, with Avatar 2 in production, we discuss their return to Pandora.

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