Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Movie Club: DreamWorks Animation

With Puss in Boots releasing on DVD and Blu Ray, we decided it was high time The Movie Club take a look at Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks. Yes this is the studio that brought Mother Goose into the 21st Century with the Shrek franchise (not to mention our furry spin off), made knowing kung fu even cooler than in The Matrix and even gave Woody Allen one of his best onscreen roles to date.
DreamWorks may still be in the shadow of a certain Luxo lamp, but with 23 features under its creative belt – including Marc and my fierce favourite, How to Train Your Dragon – it’s a company that continues to reach (or should that be fish?) for the stars.
Join me, ‘That Movie Guy’ Marc Fennell and Girlfriend Magazine’s Lauren Smelcher-Sams as we shine the spotlight on some of our favourite films from the animation studio that isn’t Pixar! 

Click HERE to watch my interview with Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and Puss in Boots director Chris Miller.

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