Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday On My Mind: Craig Lahiff

I'm excited to be returning to hosting AFTRS Friday on My Mind this week. And what better way to get back into the swing of FOMM fun than sitting down and chatting about cinema and crime with Craig Lahiff?
Craig Lahiff: Power, Politics & Justice
Be it a briefcase full of cash or a groundbreaking criminal case, Craig Lahiff knows the currency of a good story. The writer/producer/director received an AFI nomination for his crime-thriller Fever in 1988, before delving into the wrong side of the law again with Russell Crowe in Heaven's Burning in 1997. With the acclaimed Black & White (2002), Craig created a powerful dramatisation of a rape & murder trial that divided a nation followed up by a documentary Politics, Power, Justice and the Media: Controversies of the Stuart Case in 2010.

Recently Craig has returned to neo-noir with his latest crime thriller, Swerve a story of money, love and revenge. Craig will share his interest and expereince in creating both drama and non-fiction stories about crime, politics and justice.

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