Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Movie Club: Brave

All hail Princess Merida! This free-spirited, flame-haired archer has the honour of being Pixar’s first female protagonist, and in their first period film no less. 
Brave makes stunning cinematic use of the Scottish highlands to bring us the story of a medieval teenage tantrum, as Merida and her mum lock horns over traditional marriage obligations. Kelly MacDonald, Emma Thompson and the ever-entertaining Billy Connolly lead a fabulous voice cast that celebrates Scottish culture, but, more importantly, the mother and daughter bond.
Join me, ‘That Movie Guy’ Marc Fennell and SMH Online Entertainment Editor Giles Hardie as we discuss the sweet simplicity of Pixar’s new fairytale – a discussion which may or may not descend into terrible Scottish accents! 

Australian release date: 21 June 2012

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