Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Movie Club: Take this Waltz

An Affair to Remember??

After bringing us to tears in Blue Valentine, Michelle Williams is back breaking hearts in Sarah Polley’s curious romantic drama, Take This Waltz. Williams plays Margot, a travel writer, comfortably married to preoccupied cookbook-writer, Lou (Seth Rogen). Their happy (if a little sexless) life together is all set out, until Margot has her head turned by a handsome artist living across the street (Luke Kirby).
Is the grass ever greener? Margot is destined to find out as she begins to contemplate an affair: to take a life-changing waltz.
Join me, ‘That Movie Guy’ Marc Fennell and SMH Online Entertainment Editor Giles Hardie as we debate the virtues and shortcomings of Sarah Polley’s cinematic portrait. Yes, there is some dissension in the ranks! 

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