Friday, June 22, 2012

SydFilmFest Apple Store Talk: Cate Shortland & Saskia Rosendahl

Thanks to the clever cats over at the Sydney Apple Store, you can now download the Meet the Filmmaker talk I hosted with Lore writer-director Cate Shortland, and her luminous star Saskia Rosendahl.

(Quick high five to Jeremy Saunders for another brilliant piece of key art)

Click HERE to download the podcast on iTunes, and you can magically whisk yourselves back here:

**Update: A film friend just sent through this screen shot from the podcast. Shiny! 

1 comment:

Duc Dau said...

I saw a preview screening on the weekend. Loved it. Sensual and cerebral, intimate and grand. I think it's unforgettable. Saskia was extraordinary.

Thank you for the interview. It kept cutting off, though, which was annoying! I can't seem to get iTunes to open it up again. Grrr.

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