Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Movie Club: Not Suitable for Children

What would you do if you only had a month left of fertility? And gentlemen, I’m talking to you this time! Because that’s the premise for the new Aussie comedy Not Suitable for Children, which turns the hourglass on the biological clock and hands the ticking time bomb to twenty-something larrikin Jonah (Ryan Kwanten). 
To celebrate the release of this wonderfully urban look at fertility, friendship, and - let’s just say it – testicles, fellow Movie Clubber Oscar Hillerstrom and I sat down with the film’s director, Peter Templeman. We chat to the Academy Award and BAFTA nominated filmmaker about how this quirky tale came to be his feature debut, and just what it takes to craft a comedy these days – especially one that chooses romance over the Hollywood’s penchant for all things ribald. 

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