Thursday, August 23, 2012

Possible Worlds Winner: War Witch

With the 7th Canadian Film Festival - Possible Worlds - wrapping up on Sunday night, I wanted to echo my congratulations to the winner of the inaugural jury award: War Witch. It was an honour to be part of the jury along with Eddie Cockrell and David Fedirchuk - what a treat it was to pour over the programme with such fun film minds!

Here is a snippet from the announcement:
“Equal parts haunting, bewitching and unforgettable, WAR WITCH is a courageous and important film about determination and survival set against the backdrop of the horrors of war,” said Jury leader Eddie Cockrell, adding that the Jury’s decision was unanimous.

The winning filmmaker, Kim Nguyen, receives a return trip from Canada to Sydney courtesy of Air Canada, to help strengthen their links with the Australian film industry.

Many many thanks to the marvellous Matt Ravier and his team at the Festivalists for inviting me to sink into Canadian cinema! 

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