Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Movie Club: Bully

Turning the spotlight on school bullying
Documentary filmmaker Lee Hirsch is a man on a mission against bullying. His latest film, Bully, turns the spotlight on the horrifying realities of school bullying, estimating that 13 million children in the U.S. will be bullied this year, and showing it’s impact in some cases to be literally deadly. Following the fate of three bullied children, the staggering footage Hirsch captures is nothing short of nightmarish. There is no way you can watch this film then dismiss bullying as, ‘kids will be kids.’ And Hirsch is counting on that as he seeks to kickstart a movement.
Join me, Alice Tynan, and the Sydney Morning Herald’s Scott Ellis as we ask Hirsch about how he found himself on the vanguard of this revolution, and the power of documentary as a force of advocacy.

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