Monday, September 3, 2012

Hell is for Hyphenates

What a treat it was to spend a Sunday evening geeking out over films with the Hell is for Hyphenates team, Lee Zachariah and Paul Nelson. My guest appearance had only been some two years in the waiting (thanks for your patience, guys!), so I do hope they are happy with the results. I know I had a ball.

And what's more, this episode of Hell is for Hyphenates comes with a WORLD EXCLUSIVE review! I won't spoil the surprise, but if you're keen to know, click through to Lee's blog post.

Please do download the podcast to for an hour of fun listening:

Segment 1: August film wrap up with discussion on: The Bourne Legacy, Holy Motors, Cosmopolis, Moonrise Kingdom, Total Recall, The Sapphires

Segment 2: How much does your mood affect your film watching experience?

Segment 3: Filmmaker of the month (my pick!) = Steven Soderbergh. And herein lies the world exclusive.

Many thanks to Lee and Paul for inviting me on the show - it was too much fun!

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