Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday on My Mind: Amiel Courtin Wilson

I'm absolutely thrilled to be sitting down with Amiel Courtin-Wilson for tonight's Friday on My Mind session at AFTRS. His searing, critically acclaimed feature Hail is opening in limited release next week (October 25th), so our session will be a timely primer!
Friday October 19: Amiel Courtin-Wilson - Re-imagining cinematic boundaries 
Amiel Courtin-Wilson is making waves as one of our most exciting upcoming directors and  having started his filmmaking journey at the tender age of nine has crafted 15 short and three feature documentaries including the award winning Chasing Buddha and Bastardy.

With an unusual career trajectory that includes exhibiting his video art internationally; presenting guest lectures at the likes of UCLA in California; working with: Opera Australia, Chunky Move contemporary dance company and musical artists such as the Avalanches and Mix Master Mike, Amiel is also a regular contributor to national and international film and art magazines and journals.
Amiel will discuss his maverick directorial style and his left of field approaches to narrative exemplified by his short film Cicada and Hail which Hugo Weaving has described as, "A terrifyingly powerful composition which disturbs and re-imagines cinematic boundaries."

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