Monday, February 18, 2013

Slate Spoiler Special: A Good Day to Die Hard

Those of you who follow my shenanigans on Twitter will know that I've stolen back over to the USA (Hello from snowy Maine!). And on my trip to NYC, I had the great pleasure of catching up again with the singular Dana Stevens - Slate's brilliant movie critic.

We hung out at a recording of our friend Jesse Baker's brilliant new programme for NPR: Ask Me Another (the trivia night you could only dream of hosting yourself), then we set about recording ourselves. Returning to the studio at Slate, Dana and Chris Wade generously allowed me to gatecrash their Spoiler Special on A Good Day to Die Hard.

Yes, ok, I cheated on my Spoiler Guys, but just allow me to plead the postcode rule, alright? Plus, as I mention in the podcast, the Spoiler Guys are a shameless rip off of Dana's show!

Now the Australian release date isn't until, 21 March 2013, but don't let that stop you subscribing to Dana's podcast in iTunes, where you can catch up on old episodes, including the ones she and I have recorded together.

Many thanks again to Dana and Chris for having me, it was fabulous fun!

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