Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spoiler Guys Podcast: Iron Man 3

Somehow I've found myself a week behind posting these podcasts. Things are only going to get more crazy as the Sydney Film Festival swings into town, so if you want to stay up to date, then please subscribe to us in iTunes, or keep an eye on our website.

Speaking of the SydFilmFest, the Spoiler Guys are going to be recording LIVE at the Hub on Friday 14th June at 6:30pm. We're asking listeners to let us know which film they'd like us to review, so head on over to the poll to cast your vote.

Announcements aside, lots of shiny fun was had reviewing Iron Man 3, so please download the episode, or stream via Soundcloud below:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Limelight Magazine: Tabu

Every so often a film comes along that recharges your love of cinema. Miguel Gomes’ Tabu is just that gem: a film of such artistry and daring that you’ll be left dazzled by the possibilities of the medium.

Mind you, like any worthwhile love, it doesn’t come easily. Audiences will have to reckon with a two-part, black-and-white tale of contemporary Lisbon and colonial Africa; with the latter half delivered entirely dialogue-free. Instead it is recounted using in voiceover and ambient sound.

With that fair warning, however, you can be swept up in a tale of forbidden romance set at the foothills of Mount Tabu. The fate of the young lovers is set against the opening portrait of a dotty old woman Aurora (Laura Soveral), to whom we are introduced by her caring neighbour Pilar (Teresa Madruga).

Sharing its main and subtitles with F. W. Murnau’s 1931 film, this opening ‘Paradise Lost’ gives way to the ‘Paradise’ of Aurora’s youth as an heiress on an African farm. Glossing over the political and moral mire of colonialism, Tabu revels instead in the onscreen ardour and sensory playfulness of a dialogue-free tableau. Alongside Oscar winner The Artist, Tabu is a stylish and romantic trip back into the silent era.

4 1/2 stars
Published in the May 2013 issue of Limelight Magazine
Australian release date: 16 May 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spoiler Guys Podcast: The Place Beyond the Pines

How have I not posted about the metal ball of doom?! The opening of The Place Beyond the Pines had me clawing at my chair - while the rest left me reeling. That Derek Cianfrance sure knows how to skewer my heart.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Spoiler Guys Podcast: Warm Bodies

I'll admit I'm not a zombie movie aficionado - I'm far too squeamish for that! But I did have a lot of fun chatting to Marc and Giles about Warm Bodies: its twist on Shakespeare's R&J; when its director hit a little too close to the bone...

...oh and any opportunity to go Grr Argh.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Drift Q&A

A couple of weeks ago I had a wonderful time hosting a Q&A with the cast of Drift.

The (ahem) good looking, and thoroughly entertaining film is now out in Australian cinemas, and distributers Hopscotch have also released clips from our fun chat at Event Cinemas Bondi.

You can hear me chuckling along with stars Myles Pollard, Sam Worthington and Xavier Samuel - as well as the lovely Aaron Glenane, who plays Gus in the film, and bought his own ticket to the event (!), so we dragged him down to join the chat.


Australian release date: 2 May 2013
US release date: 2 August 2013
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