Thursday, July 4, 2013

Number 5 (is alive!)

The Plot Thickens turns five today! 

I always forget that I kicked off this blog on the 4th July. It would be funnier if Independence Day was to blame, but instead we can point the finger Australian cinema, and my (now rather embarrassing) thoughts on cultural cringe

What a wild five years it has been! Films, festivalsTV, radio, and now of course I'm having too much fun producing and hosting The Spoiler Guys podcast. I've adored having Friday on My Mind, and these days I'm thrilled to be running my own Film Club at AFTRS

Freelancing is such a roller coaster - filled with so many wonderful opportunities, and more than a few 'character-building' disappointments - but through it all, I still manage to sink into a cinema seat with a smile of giddy anticipation. Over the past five years my admiration and appreciation of cinema has only deepened. 

I think it's true love.

Now, change is most certainly in the air. In the coming weeks I shall have come exciting announcements - so watch this space. 

The plot thickens...

(In the meantime: anyone else now super keen to  revisit Short Circuit?)

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