Monday, September 9, 2013


Tonight I emigrate to Dublin.

I've always remembered "Adventure is out there!" and now it's time to head Up and off on my own expedition to the Emerald Isle.

This may come as no surprise, especially if you happened to catch my final appearance with the wonderful Linda Mottram on 702 ABC Sydney - when, bless her, she let the cat out of the bag with this:

So yes, my man and I are bustin outta here (with much less angst than this music video!) to take up residence in Dublin. In a twist on James Joyce, we've been referring to ourselves as "Dublinees" - though this was topped yesterday when my darling niece asked when we were moving to "Goblin".

Today is the day! It's all systems go for Goblin.

I can't wait to revisit the sights and discover the cinemas that Dublin has to offer. Any tips on either, please do shout. this space... writings, reviews and The Spoiler Guys will continue, international-style.

And so it seems The Plot Thickens...

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